Falcon For Update it shed 2.0

Twitter client application named Falcon may get individual attention among Insidenters. Falcon now bring some significant changes in the Falcon Pro 2.0.
Falcon For Update it shed 2.0

For insidenters not yet tried, Falcon has a flat design than previous versions. Not only that change color even more and more varied now. Insidenters be able to change the color settings to taste three different colors: white, black, or gray.

Now Falcon Pro 2.0 also has support for multiple accounts. Although it's not a new feature, but for twitter client application must have at least multiple accounts.

For those who already own the Falcon application, please wait updatenya. Well, for those who have not, the application will appear in the Google Play Store shortly, as twit from @ falcon_android following twitter account.

"Guys, been extra productive last night. Got big news for # FalconPro 2.0. Later today more info. Stay tuned :P :) :(

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